2011.11.08 - Partnership in the fight against HIV/AIDS

The collaboration work of the UN system encompass key sectors such as youth, education, health, justice and social protection. Our focus is to raise awareness among adolescents and youth care givers and health professionals women and people with risk behaviours for HIV/AIDS and to create universal access to prevention and care treatment particularly for those in need.

2011.10.16 FAO - World Food Day

Increasing awareness among general public about Cape Verde's integration into the global economy and to capacity build the local economy - from crisis to stability

2010.12.05 Vuluntariadu e kuze? - Promoting volunteerism and civic participation in Cape Verde

This short documentary film highlights the experiences of three volunteers working with the Cape Verdean community. They show us that by being a volunteer, you change your community and most of all, you change yourself - make a better world, change your world, and change Cape Verde. The 10th anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) provides us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the will and energy of millions of people in helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with great diversity, regardless of their ages, origins, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and experiences.

2010 10.15 Global Handwashing Day

"Cuidar da Minha Casa de Banho" School campaign in Cape Verde - UNICEF WASH programme communication support

2010.10.10 One Day on Earth - Global Version

On 10 October, 2010, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) staff members in more than 100 countries worldwide took part in a collaborative film project to document the work of UNDP. For many, this was their first time using a video camera.

2010.10.10 One Day on Earth Project - Cape Verde

"Building a Community in Harmony with Nature" Integrated participatory ecosystem management programme shot documentary presentation. Cape Verde is undertaking various efforts and activities to conserve its biodiversity, land, and water resources, ranging from ongoing legislative reforms, to the proposed creation of new protected areas, basic research, and public education and awareness. These efforts may succeed, to a greater or less extent, in meeting the national interest in conserving natural resources and limiting land degradation and desertification.



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