Training course: Budget by Results - BbR - An instrument for Public Management oriented towards social changes

United Nations, Praia, July 3, 2014 - The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Cape Verde, in partnership with the Centre for Strategic Policies (CPE), organize the training course: Budget by Results- BbR - An Instrument for Public Management oriented towards Social Changes" for the more than 40 staff from various Ministries.

This training activity, taking place between 30 June and 4 July at the United Nations premises in Cape Verde, follows a series of ongoing UNDP initiatives to support the country in the process of State reform, with the aim of contributing to the process of transforming the sector and the national development agenda.

This training activity consists in a 16-hour course on results-oriented budget program for more than 40 civil servants and has technical support from the Administrative Development Foundation of the State of São Paulo (Fundap) Brazil.  The training focuses essentially on strengthening the capacity of national public frameworks in the strategic planning system and in public policy management and follows from the recommendations that Cape Verde identified during the last Transformation Agenda Forum on the decisive role the process of modernizing and transforming the public administration has within the country's growth and development strategy.

The initiative, which is supported by Professor Claudio Forghieri from Fundap, who was deputy secretary of the Treasury of the State of São Paulo and budget director of the União (federal government) in Brazil, has also been working with national teams to train a group of multipliers to continue this effort in the country.

This mission is the third in the last six months from Fundap, carried out within the framework of South-South cooperation, with the support of UNDP. Through these missions, UNDP also aims to contribute to supporting the country in the restoration of a South-South partnership between the government of Cape Verde and Brazil, through Fundap, in order to support the public administration reform process and the strengthening of the planning, monitoring, and evaluation system in the country. During the 1980s and 1990s, Fundap, linked to the Department of Public Administration of the São Paulo State Government, participated actively in the reform of public administration in the five African countries where Portuguese is an official language, including Cape Verde.

At the end of 2013, the trainers from Fundap delivered a course on management by results to about thirty planning and budget directors and human resources directors from various ministries and state secretariats.
At the beginning of May 2014, the country also welcomed a trainer from Fundap, whose mission was to work with the Office of the State Secretariat for Public Administration on the institution of a training system for civil servants, including the training methods and the content of the courses that will be part of the public administration training system in the country.

These missions are part of a group of actions by the UNDP in Cape Verde with a view to assist the country in strengthening Human Resources in Public Administration, in order to help boost the reform process and the economic and social transformation of the country.




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