UNODC supports training for prevention of drug use and HIV/AIDS in correctional institutions

United Nations, Praia, 26 October 2010 - The second training session for the prevention of drug use and HIV/AIDS, designed for prisoners and prison guards in the Central Prison of Praia, runs this week in the City of Praia.

With this training is intended to facilitate improvements in addressing issues related to HIV-AIDS among the prison population in Cape Verde, using a perspective of peer education.

This activity, which takes place in the Central Prison of Praia, besides prison guards, will also benefit a total of 26 inmates, 6 women and 20 men. It will cover topics such as the "Prevention of Drug Abuse", "the Prevention of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis", and "Orienting my Partner for Health Improvement in the Prison Environment".

This training was the result of a partnership between the Ministry of Health, the CCCD "Coordination Committee for Combating Drugs", the CCS-AIDS "Coordination Committee for Combating Aids" and the UNODC "United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime". It will also be held at the Regional Prison of Ilha do Fogo, November 1-5, in the Central Prison of S. Vicente, November 22-26, and in St. Antão, December 13-17.

Remember that this training is a result of recommendations from a study about drugs and HIV/AIDS in prisons made in 2007. The study showed an alarming prevalence of AIDS and HIV (in relation to the general population) in this high-risk population.


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