Female Condom - A dual protection

In the scope of executing the activities planned for the year 2011, regarding sexual and reproductive health, UNFPA has played an important role in providing and promoting quality health services for adolescents, youth, women and men in partnership with national governmental and non governmental organizations.

In this context, the Cape Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity (ICIEG), the VERDEFAM, with technical and financial support from UNFPA, comes tomorrow to launch a national campaign of Promotion of the Use of Female Condom.

This campaign aims to disseminate and sensitize the entire Cape Verdean society, especially women, to use the female condom, a method that guarantees complete double protection because it contributes to the control of unwanted pregnancy and protect against disease and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV-AIDS, allowing women to have more control over their choices, empowering them so they can decide on their sexual and reproductive lives.

To accompany the act of launching the campaign are planned cultural activities, with the participation of the Grupo de Batucadeiras, Shukayaya and Teatro Fladu Fla.

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