Cape Verde introduces three new vaccines to its National Immunization Schedule

The Ministry of Health of Cape Verde, with financial and technical support from UNICEF and WHO, introduced since 01 November in the national immunization schedule three new vaccines - against infections by Haemophilia Influenza B, rubella and Perotidite.

At the official presentation of the new National Immunization Schedule, the Minister of State and Health, Dr. Basilio Ramos, said that the introduction of new vaccines aims to protect children under 5 years against serious transmissible diseases, preventable by vaccination, and increase the program acceptability and the accessibility of the population to the new safe and assured quality vaccines, and demonstrates the effort that Cape Verde has made to protect children, because only one country concerned and committed to their development invests in its future, which are children.

With technical and financial support from UNICEF, the Ministry of Health has renewed its entire cold chain, which is the primary condition for the preservation of vaccines and to ensure the preservation of its quality. It is noteworthy that Cape Verde is the only region that has taken the decision of introducing these new vaccines and will support its own budget to acquiring them.

The country, to date, had a cost of 6.000 contos a year for acquisition of vaccines, but with the increase of vaccines, will be paid annually 27.000 contos. But, in the words of the Minister, the cost is insignificant before the gains that the country will have on the investment in the health of its future generations.

The Minister of State and Health added that Cape Verde is the country of the region with the highest vaccination coverage rate, which was echoed in the infant mortality rate (the lowest in the sub-region). It is interesting to keep these values and the challenge is to continue the investment in prenatal care, childbirth and the postpartum.

This decision of the country, to introduce these three new vaccines, will allow all the children of the country, under 5 years, start receiving for free vaccines that previously only the more affluent families had access.

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