UNICEF/Ministry of Justice - By 2012 Cape Verde will have online registration of births in hospitals

Praia, United Nations, April 1, 2011 - Registration of Child at birth: a matter of all is the title of a workshop being held today at Praia, gathering national technicians of services for registration, social actors and responsible of the sector.

With the completion of this workshop is intended to mobilize the different actors and partners, both public and private resources to the issue of registration of children at birth and for everyone to be active agents in promoting awareness of civil society.

Esta iniciativa, vai ainda de encontro com os objectivos traçados no que concerne ao fomento da inclusão do sup-projecto "Cidadão online".

This initiative will still meet the targets set in regard to encouraging the inclusion of sub-project "Citizen online".

The meeting held today, is also part of a set of activities that already had its beginning for some time in the scope of the Promotion of Birth Registration Project, which has the technical and financial partnership of UNICEF.

Being Cape Verde one of the countries that has invested in new information technologies as a pillar of development and as a way to bring citizens to the services, this project will innovate by implementing the online registration program, in which all hospitals in all municipalities in the country will have a registration post to register every child immediately after birth.

According to the national leaders, the goal is to have 100% of children registered at birth at the hospitals.

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