Metrologia: Jornada Técnica para Comemorar o Dia Mundial da Metrologia


United Nations, Praia, May 2011 - As part of the West African Quality Programme about 38 managers and business operators attended a technical day held in late May, on the occasion of World Metrology Day.

The meeting was an opportunity to highlight and reinforce the importance of metrology and chemical measurements in our lives, particularly in Cape Verde where the Government is making efforts to materialize the quality infrastructures.

In addition, this meeting also aimed to better inform companies about the importance of measurement and calibration of its equipment, to sensitize the authorities about the need for control equipment for a fair trade and achieve a wider dissemination of the new diploma on units of measurement and control of measuring instruments in Cape Verde.

According to the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Energy, Dr. Humberto Brito, who chaired the closing session, "the journey is a recognition of the commitment that Cape Verde have attributed to metrology, at a time when the new Government Program was approved by the Parliament and in which it was understood the importance of this issue and more broadly the issue of quality for the country."

"By adopting the International System of Units (SI), the Government not only sets Cape Verde to the legal framework established internationally in this field, but also gives consistent steps for the construction of quality infrastructure in the country in a gradual and persistent way, consolidating each stage reached", the Governor concluded emphasizing the importance of measurements in the present and the future.

Remember that the West African Quality Programme, implemented in Cape Verde, falls within the One Programme, signed between the Government of Cape Verde and the United Nations.

The opening session was attended by the Vice-President of the National Steering Committee of the West African Quality Programme, Dr. Lima Elisete, the National Coordinator of UNIDO in Cape Verde, Dr. Levy and Rui and the Representative of the European Union in Cape Verde, Ambassador Joseph Coll.

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