Hygiene in schools - UNICEF supports awareness-raising campaign

With support from UNICEF, the Ministry of Education and Sports in Cape Verde has made a public presentation of awareness materials, developed to support actions on management and maintenance of health facilities and hygiene promotion in schools, particularly of hand washing with soap.

At the official presentation that took place in early March, an act that was attended by the Minister of Education and Sports, Dr. Octavio Tavares, the UNICEF Representative, Ms. Petra Lantz, and responsible for different departments of the Ministry of Education, the UNICEF Representative left three messages to children about the importance of proper use of health infrastructure, equipment and materials.

One of the key messages, with which the children agreed, was that the use of the bathrooms should be done with care and respect, because the water, soap and toilet equipment are contributions of all people, whether through voluntary action or through taxes, achieved through cooperation at various levels, and in this case one of them is through UNICEF. In this sense, the UNICEF Representative spoke with the children by placing emphasis on the care they should have with the school as if it was their own home.

The second message left by Petra Lantz to the children and others who attended the event, was that washing hands with soap and water always before meals and after using the toilet, prevents diseases and noted that the water being a precious commodity, they should always be careful to turn off the taps, thus contributing to saving the water.

When finished, the UNICEF Representative reminded students that the school infrastructure is a common asset and, well preserved, will serve for future generations.

The materials produced (educational video, posters, stickers and educational book) will be used in classrooms as a support material for teachers for the promotion of activities about water, sanitation and hygiene, to be developed in all schools of the Integrated Basic Education, at national level.

They will also be used in awareness sessions throughout the educational community (students, teachers, parents and local community) for better management of educational equipments (bathrooms) and school health promotion.


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