Cape Verde: Solidarity with Haiti's children - Infância Feliz Foundation "Happy Childhood Foundation" makes donation to UNICEF

In an act of solidarity, the Infância Feliz Foundation, a non-governmental institution, officially delivered to UNICEF a donation in the value of 3,200,000 (three million and two hundred thousands escudos) corresponding to US$ 33,000.00 thirty three thousand dollars.

This donation is a result of a three-month fundraising drive that was initiated after the earthquake struck that island in the Caribbean in January of this year. Mrs. Adelcia Pires, chairman of the Infância Feliz Foundation and First Lady of Cape Verde, affirmed during the ceremony that this act, although symbolic and in consideration of the smallness of the country, reflects the spirit of solidarity of Cape Verdeans and the great feeling they nurture for the people of Haiti, demonstrated by their participation in this initiative.

The First Lady of Cape Verde, during her speech in the ceremony, stressed that the campaign had many segments, where it highlights the culture and the involvement of artists, and also the large campaign developed by media and the publicity commission. According to Adelcia Pires, the success of this initiative is due to the involvement of the Cape Verdean population, saying that: "The general population heard, saw, and felt what we created."

Explaining about the campaign's process and activities, the First Lady of Cape Verde highlighted that in the beginning of the campaign were opened two checking accounts, where the population could make their donation, adding also: "The fundraising activities had as a high point performances with Cape Verdean artists." Before finishing her speech, the chairman of the Infância Feliz Foundation emphasized the important role that teachers made in this movement of solidarity to national level, demonstrating a great pleasure to contribute.

In the name of UNICEF, the Representative Mrs. Petra Lantz, with emotion and recognition of the great feeling of solidarity and efforts from the Cape Verdean people, affirmed that this donation is encouraging and certainly will benefit Haiti's children. She emphasized that Cape Verde "is one of the richest countries in terms of love, affection and feelings." The Representative of UNICEF in Cape Verde in the presence of all, expressed appreciation for the donation to the Infância Feliz Foundation, artists, and all the Cape Verdean population that participated direct or indirectly in the campaign.