Workshop on national capacity to promote the inclusion of decent work in national strategies

Nacoes Unidas, Praia, March, 27th 2014– On 27 March, the day on which we celebrate Cape Verdean Women's Day, the closing ceremony of the "De Construction of masculinities" workshop was held at the United Nations premises, organised in partnership with Laço Branco (White Ribbon), for UN male professionals. The workshop took place over the last two weeks.  During the sessions, participants were able to address a wide range of topics on gender issues, with a particular focus on new concepts of masculinity.

This informal closing ceremony was an opportunity to reaffirm the commitment of the men who have participated in this workshop to combat Gender-Based Violence, as well as learning about and sharing their experiences and perceptions of the workshop.

The canteen area of the United Nations office became a space for debating and exchanging experiences, where the entire staff could also watch a piece of theatre which portrayed the different social pressures that both sexes face in their daily lives.

For the Coordinator of the UN System in Cape Verde, Ulrika Richardson, who insisted on being present, these actions are necessary in order to produce changes in behaviour in civil society, and the mandate of any United Nations agency is to work for peace, equality and development, and foundations such as respect and appreciation between the two sexes are important for social justice and development.

Among the participants, Ruy Levi, the national coordinator of UNIDO in Cape Verde, was the first to express his views on the workshop and the topic. He said that this workshop, in addition to having been a great opportunity to get to know the work of Laço Branco, was an opportunity for reflection on a personal and group level. For Jean Claude Borges from the Human Capital and Development unit at the UNDP, UNFPA and UNICEF Joint office, this was a great opportunity to learn, in particular that respect is necessary for both parties. For Octavio Silva, Head of operations at the Joint office, this workshop allowed him to absorb a set of  information, such as the issue of paternity, which are often discussed very little in Cape Verdean society, as well as being an opportunity to exchange views with colleagues.
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