UNCTAD and Cape Verde Investment Agency present in Praia the e-Regulations System

United Nations, Praia, May 27th of 2010 – The project, UNCTAD e-Regulations, presented this morning in the city of Praia, consists of an online information system with access to all information about administrative procedures related to investment operations. Thanks to software managed electronically available to the Agência Caboverdiana de Investimentos ("Cape Verde Investment Agency") in the scope of implementation of the UN One Programme with Cape Verde.

At the launch ceremony of the project and the portal, the UN System resident Coordinator Mrs. Petra Lantz, considered that "Cape Verde has made very significant advances in the field of administrative efficiency, specifically in the transparency and simplification of the procedures. The State portal "portondenosilha", obtaining the birth certificate online, and the creation of "citizen's home" are good examples of this progress. These achievements, and many others, place Cape Verde in the world vanguard on the modernization of the State. Therefore, it is relevant that the experience of Cape Verde is widely announced", she added.

According to the UN System resident Coordinator, the project UNCTAD e-Regulations, now implemented in 11 countries in different continents, and the portal will publicize the advances made by Cape Verde in the field of administrative efficiency and business facilitation.

During her remarks , Mrs. Lantz, introduced a summary of the three major features of the e-Regulations system:

"First, the system shows the procedures from the user's viewpoint. We know that traditionally, the public administration is self-centered; they present the procedures in a fractionated way, service by service. Then many times, they do not provide to the user a clear understanding about all the information that the user needs in order to get authorizations and registrations. Here in Cape Verde this is not the case, we have developed a good culture to serve the user. But in many countries, the traditional administrative culture still prevails.

So, the e-Regulations system shows the path step by step to the user, and for each step it indicates: who is the employee to contact; what results will be at the end of each step, and what is necessary to get these results; how much it will cost; how long each step will take; to whom to report complaints in case of a problem; what is the legal foundation of each step; and finally, who will certify that the information received is correct.

Second, the system allows organizing and publishing online information without help of computer technicians. It is a powerful content management system that will give independence to the Investment Agency.

And the third, the e-Regulations, provides the administrative procedures in international language. The system is multilingual and has been implemented in 13 countries. It started in four pilot countries, one in each continent: Vietnam, Mali, Moscow and Colombia, and has been expanded gradually to other countries. Considering that all information is presented in a standard form, the system allows comparing procedures between different countries.

We think therefore, that the e-Regulations system will be, to the Investment Agency, to the Ministry of State Reform, and to the Government in general, a useful tool in the vast range of electronic systems that we have available to facilitate business in Cape Verde." Summarizing, she stressed once more that all of the support from the United Nations to the Investment Agency and to the Pilot Committee, making this project we are launching today possible, a model for this region.