Inclusive education – UNICEF delivers specialized materials

United Nations, Praia, December 22, 2011- Today, UNICEF delivered equipments and materials, which is going to reinforce the inclusive education work for the children who present special education needs. This initiative, which is accomplished due to the cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports-UNICEF, intends to contribute for the improvement of those children’s conditions; most of them come from needy families. As a result, they will be able to accomplish their right to education.

Special education  constitutes one of the ways to guarantee the inclusion of all children and this way, UNICEF has contributed to the reinforcement of the national abilities, not only to the level of equipment and material availability, but also to the teacher training. This year, there was an acquisition of more specialized equipments and materials for the visual, mobility and hearing impairment teaching, such as Braille machine and notetaker, computer screen enlarger, specialized mouse, books and games.

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