FAO promotes the developement of methodological tools for agricultural census in Cabo Verde

United Nations, Praia, April 10, 2014– With the technical and financial support of FAO, Cape Verde is now developing methodological tools to undertake the 2014 General Agricultural Census (Recenseamento Geral da Agricultura  in Portuguese), which were presented and validated in a workshop that took place this week, in Rui Vaz.

In Cape Verde, agriculture is practiced in extremely adverse conditions, where the poor quality of the soils and the deficiency in water resources, among other factors, limit the development of this sector and determine its meagre contribution to GDP. Despite its weak productivity, agriculture plays a fundamental social role, considering that 60% of the rural population depend on this activity. Because it recognizes the diversity of its functions, the Government of Cape Verde, in close cooperation with its international partners, has been strongly investing in building the infrastructural capacity and in the modernization of rural areas, as a way to curb its natural constraints and to provide sustainable means of subsistence for the population. These investments have contributed for a significant increase in fruit and vegetables production.

Nevertheless, the development of the sector has not been accompanied by the creation of an adequate system for monitoring and evaluating production and, therefore, the urgent need to undertake a General Agricultural Census (RGA) has been acknowledged. This instrument will contribute not only to the development of a simple and reliable device to keep track of the annual agricultural production, resorting to new information technologies, but also to address the global needs of data users, to carry on with the purposes of the main strategic instruments and to monitor the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) indicators.

It is within this framework that the current Workshop takes place, whose purpose is to introduce and validate methodological documents, as well as to receive feedback and contributions from participants, in order to build a consensus with all participant institutions.

The activities on this Workshop were carried with the technical and financial support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), as part of the project “Reforço e modernização do sistema de estatística agrícola e preparação do Recenseamento Geral da Agricultura” (“Capacity-building and modernization of the agricultural statistical system and preparation of the General Agricultural Census”).

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