CENSUS 2010 - The largest statistical operation in the whole country will occur from June 16th to 30th

Praia, June 16, 2010 - At 12:00 am on June 16th, 2010, the IV Census of Population and Housing – Census 2010, began in all the municipalities in the country. The Census, running until June 30th, is the largest statistical operation in the country and happens every ten years.

According to the information from the National Statistics Institute (INE), this survey will cover the entire Cape Verdean population and foreign residents of Cape Verde, and will provide information on: how many we are, how we are, where we live and how we live.

The innovation in this survey is the introduction, for the first time, of questions about religion, foreign population residing in Cape Verde, and Cape Verdeans who have emigrated in the past 5 years.

The INE ensures that innovations in the Census 2010 also focus at the level of content with the inclusion of premise as an observation unit and at the level of technology with the replacement of analog formatted questionnaires (paper) by electronic ones. A PDA - Personal Digital Assistant will be used in all survey operations. In addition to INE technicians, about 1,200 Land Agents (census-takers and controllers) will be in the field.

The data produced by the Census represents an important instrument for planning, and formulation of polices and development programs. Also, equally important, is the dialogue between authorities at the central and local level as well as Government and development partners of Cape Verde.

Moreover, the Census will enable a reliable portrait of the progress and the indicators of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly those related to literacy, schooling, gender equality, level of education, access to drinking water, unemployment, and housing; showing the most detailed geographical level (zone/locality).

According to INE, the disclosure of interim results is predicted in August, after conducting post-census (the census evaluation). During the period that the Census 2010 is being taking, a toll free number (8002008) is available to the population to contact INE. Data collection will take place from house to house in all Neighborhoods, Zones, Places, Counties and Islands. Will also be reported, people who are in hospitals, prisons, military bases, hotels, homeless, etcetera. In the implementation plan of the One Programme, the UN System has been a very important partner of the Government in preparing the Census 2010 in all its phases, particularly UNFPA, whose partnership has been recognized by national authorities for its achievement.

Since 2008, when the preparatory phase of the Census 2010 began, the UNFPA has supported the INE, especially, in the implementation of census mapping, the agricultural pre-census, and the pilot census, representing a total of US$1,700,000 dollars available in 2008, 2009 and 2010.