Food Security and School Nutrition: The Government of Luxembourg through the United Nations provides over five million dollars for a period of four years

Praia, January 10, 2011 – In the scope of implementing the One UN Program, signed in 2008 with the Government of Cape Verde, the United Nations system will provide more than five and a half million U.S. dollars (U.S. $ 5,611,080) until 2014, to support the implementation of the Support for Food Security and School Nutrition.

Financed by the Government of Luxembourg, whose objectives in this field will meet the national priorities and the United Nation's, this new program, which includes the participation of four UN agencies (FAO, WFP, WHO and UNICEF), aims to help sustain School Canteens Programme in achieving its objectives, particularly for the consolidation of the Millennium Development Goals, ensuring good results in terms of children education, improve the quality of education, and the food and nutrition security of the children in school age, to besides promoting the diversification of school meals with local produce and school gardens, generate economic opportunities for domestic producers (women and men).

Therefore, designed to partially meet the challenges facing the country with the withdrawal of WFP, this program will be implemented by the FICASE (Cape Verdean Foundation for Social and Educational Action), the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources and Ministry of Health and at the UN level, the coordination is the responsibility of FAO.

It is recalled that the School Canteens Programme in Cape Verde has existed since 1979 with 100% coverage of preschools and primary schools. The program, which has been benefited for over thirty years of WFP support, contributed to a high school enrollment and has placed Cape Verde in a top list of countries in meeting the Millennium Development Goal 2 - Achieve Universal Primary Education.

The United Nations have cooperated with Cape Verde, since 2008, through the One Program, which want to print a better coordination and consistency of operations of 21 agencies that comprise it, and that involved four main programmatic areas, defined as the national priorities identified in conjunction with the Government, such as Good Governance, Promoting Growth and Economic Opportunity, the Environment, Energy and Responses to Natural Disasters and Human Capital Development and Social Protection.

The official act of signing the document will take place on January 14, 2011, at 11:15 AM, in the boardroom of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be co-chaired by the National Director of the Directorate General of Political Affairs and Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Jose Luis Rocha, and the Resident Coordinator of the UN System in Cape Verde, Mrs. Petra Lantz, which will be followed by a press conference. Representatives of national institutions responsible for the program will still be present, as well as representatives of UN agencies residing in Cape Verde.

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