Food Security and School Nutrition - A joint FAO and WFP Mission in Cape Verde

United Nations, Praia, April 11, 2011 - Integrated by frameworks of the technical divisions from FAO, from WFP's Regional Office for West Africa, this joint mission aims to support national authorities in implementing the subprogramme Food Security and School Nutrition, recently signed between the UN and the Government of Cape Verde.

The mission, which takes place in the scope of executing the One UN Programme in Cape Verde, will also contact the institutions involved in its execution beyond to visit the potential areas of pilot intervention of the programme. Still it is expected to carry out a studio to release the subprogramme, where in addition to the presentation of its contents will be the presentation of the proposed revision of the logical framework, as well as the work plan of the program for 2011.

Budgeted at more than five million dollars for a period of four years, the Support to Food Security and School Nutrition subprogram, financed by Luxembourg, counts on the participation of four UN agencies (FAO, WFP, WHO and UNICEF) and aims to help the Government of Cape Verde, particularly the FICASE (Cape Verdean Foundation for Social and Educational Action) in achieving its objectives, particularly for the consolidation of the Millennium Development Goals, ensuring good results in terms of children education, improve the quality of education, and the food and nutrition security of the children in school age, to besides promoting the diversification of school meals with local produce and school gardens, as well as generate economic opportunities for domestic producers.

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